Performances imersivas, instalações estimulantes, cinema e workshops – tudo para descobrir enquanto exploras o Waking Life. Esta página também existe para dar a conhecer o programa Apuro: o acto de aguçar as nossas reflexões e comunicação connosco mesmos. A expressão da mente, corpo e espírito enquanto proclamação da nossa liberdade de condicionamentos e pensamento rígido.


Clica aqui para a descrição completa do nosso programa, ou lê o resumo das contribuições abaixo.


Our enveloping discussions will be centred around the themes of education, sustainability, and dream analysis.

Permaculture design workshop

In this workshop we’ll learn and integrate how permaculture can be a very relevant and useful tool to create resilience, and develop sustainability on a conceptual, technical, and practical level.

Low-budget energy systems

A practical class about photovoltaic systems, introducing you to electrical systems as well as the detailed components of electrical circuits for an adventure or lifestyle ‘off the grid’.

(modular) Synthesizer workshop

One might know the purpose of these machines, the tricky thing however is to understand how to use them. Come and discover its dark magic!

Traditional Chinese medicine

A series of workshops accessing the deep layers of our body energy, while revealing the fundamental notions of this ancient Chinese medical practice.

Ayurvedic medicine

An insight into the intricate, holistic Indian life sciences of Ayurvedic medicine.

Elbow Collective

Join this collective of healers in workshops and classes, exploring our minds and bodies with methods of rejuvenation.

Kung Fu

The ultimate Chinese martial arts training for a thorough analysis of your movements.

Body jam

An interactive performance guided through the rhythms of live music. The atmosphere will be set for an uninhibited dialogue of movement, where one is challenged to communicate through the body.

Physical condition

Generating a sense of physical and emotional well-being by providing an energetic session of kinematics.

Massage corner

A corporal voyage enabling us to unwind the deep tissues of the body.

Theatre in the dark

An audio-haptic experience through the senses, explored by a narrative addressing the boundaries of communication and language.

Interactive painting

An artistic intervention guided by two painters and enhanced by contributions from each of you and our surrounding resources.